As the only grammar school in the region, we focus on extended teaching of subjects related to medical and natural sciences and preparation for admission procedures and studies at universities of this specialization. The grammar school cooperates with teachers from the faculties of science, medicine, pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicine, and our students will be involved in many projects in this area. Unlike secondary schools of medical and similar specializations, we do not prepare pupils for the performance of related professions after secondary school, but we focus entirely on the possibility of further studies at universities in this direction. We lead and motivate pupils to this through school and extracurricular activities. However, we are educating a graduate who, in addition to a scientific focus, will also have high language skills and a general socio-cultural overview, which will enable him to apply to any university after graduating from high school. The decision is always up to the student himself, who, especially in higher grades, adapts his focus to the preferences regarding the choice of university by a suitable choice from a wide range of optional subjects.

We currently offer students two specialisations related to the focus of the grammar school. It is a profiling towards medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary fields and a profiling towards scientific and technical fields. Our students profile themselves through a suitable choice of optional subjects in the second, third and fourth year of study. An educational counselor and teachers teaching individual optional subjects will help them with a suitable choice of subjects.