Medical and Science Grammar School PRIGO PRAGUE is a part of the PRIGO group of schools which has more than 25 years of experience in providing general grammar education. The PRIGO PRAHA then focuses on those students who feel profiled towards the natural sciences and related disciplines. Teaching that ends with a high school diploma takes place only in full-time form on the basis of the School Educational Programme, which is created in accordance with the mandatory Framework Educational Programme based on Act 561/2004 Coll., As amended, on pre-school, primary, secondary, higher vocational and other education (School Act). We prepare our pupils mainly for further studies at universities, not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. PRIGO cooperates with more than 20 foreign schools, starting with Great Britain, France, Germany and Austria, through American schools and ending with several Chinese schools (click here). We also support our students in their extracurricular activities, which are an important prerequisite for their employment at foreign universities, but also for employment in later life as such.

General information

Four-year Grammar School – Grammar School Programme 79-41-K/41

The programme of the general four-year grammar school focuses on gifted students who have decided to start studying at a grammar school after completing the compulsory education at the elementary school. These are students who want to have the typical grammar-school education but who also want to be specialised in natural sciences.


As the only grammar school in the region, we focus on extended teaching of subjects related to medical and natural sciences and preparation for admission procedures and studies at universities of this specialization. The grammar school cooperates with teachers from the faculties of science, medicine, pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicine, and our students will be involved in many projects in this area. Unlike secondary schools of medical and similar specializations, we do not prepare pupils for the performance of related professions after secondary school, but we focus entirely on the possibility of further studies at universities in this direction. We lead and motivate pupils to this through school and extracurricular activities. However, we are educating a graduate who, in addition to a scientific focus, will also have high language skills and a general socio-cultural overview, which will enable him to apply to any university after graduating from high school. The decision is always up to the student himself, who, especially in higher grades, adapts his focus to the preferences regarding the choice of university by a suitable choice from a wide range of optional subjects.

We currently offer students two specialisations related to the focus of the grammar school. It is a profiling towards medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary fields and a profiling towards scientific and technical fields. Our students profile themselves through a suitable choice of optional subjects in the second, third and fourth year of study. An educational counselor and teachers teaching individual optional subjects will help them with a suitable choice of subjects.

Studying with no tuition fees and the scholarship

Studying with no tuition fees

We are a non-state secondary school for very well performing students who are interested in studying a general grammar school focused on medical and natural sciences. With regard to making education available and the membership in the PRIGO Group, the tuition fees are covered from the scholarship fund for all students without serious disciplinary offences who initiate their studies in the 2021/2022 school year based on the headmaster’s decision. Studying without tuition fees is guaranteed for the entire study period, even though standard tuition fees are around CZK 9,900 per month.


The PRIGO Scholarship Fund allows the provision of social and merit scholarships and the financing of tuition fees for individual students or alternatively the reduction or exemption of tuition fees for a particular field or a whole school within the PRIGO Group. It is also used to support project and civic activities of PRIGO pupils, students and teachers based on approved projects. The PRIGO Scholarship Fund also allows third parties outside the PRIGO Group to receive grant funds if the tender terms and conditions are met. The granting of scholarship funds is decided by the PRIGO Strategic Board (PSB).

The PRIGO Medical and Science Grammar School provides merit and project scholarships. The merit scholarship is awarded to any pupil or student without serious disciplinary offences, in pursuance of the Scholarship Rules. The usual amount of merit scholarship ranges between CZK 500 – 2,000 per month. The project scholarship is awarded to any pupil or student who defends their scientific or another project and commits themselves to solve it. The usual project support is between CZK 10,000 and CZK 50,000 a year.

Interesting scholarships are also awarded for successfully representing our Grammar School or when passing the school-leaving exam with honours.