PriorityGO is a unique trademark-protected approach to education that is based on the combination of individualization of teaching, modern didactic methods and respect for the challenges of contemporary society. In the educational process, we emphasize ethical, ecological and intercultural topics, and help our pupils and students to face technological and other changes of global space that they live in, with respect to our regional traditions.

Strategy of the Founder of PRIGO Schools: PriorityGO – First in Line

  1. Applying traditional educational goals in the concept of “Czech schools for life”, taking into account the challenges of the globalised environment in the 21st century (Subject Guarantor: JUDr. Pavel PETR, Ph.D., LL.M.)
    We are a school for life that is based on the tradition of the Czech cultural environment. We use the good elements of our educational system and are inspired only by foreign examples of good practice. The Czech educational tradition is applied to meet the needs of the 21st century and the role of the Czech Republic in the European and global area. We strive to raise graduates who will be able to prove themselves successful at work and in life both at home and abroad. Our teaching and balanced offering of extracurricular events at all levels of education include sporting activities, cultural activities and activities necessary for everyday life, such as courses of housework and crafts.
  1. Developing critical thinking and supporting exceptional talents while maintaining equal opportunities (Subject Guarantor: Ing. Michaela TICHÁ, Ph.D.)
    The ability to think critically and to self-reflect is considered the basis of personal development. In our teaching we emphasise modern didactic methods, development of transferable skills, active approach to self-evaluation, independence in decision-making and acceptance of responsibility for one’s actions. The schools of our group also focus on the education of exceptionally gifted children, pupils and students – those whose mental abilities significantly exceed the usual average, though we always assert openness and equal opportunities. All of our children, pupils and students are supported in their natural curiosity and desire for knowledge as well as with all-round development through a suitable mix of school and extracurricular activities. Our goal is to foster lifelong learning and the necessary preparation for practical life, which requires flexible response to dynamic changes in the needs of the labour market.
  1. Individualised education and client approach to the learner (Subject Guarantor: Mgr. Kateřina Musiol KUCHNOVÁ, Ph.D.)
    We use all possibilities of individualised education. We limit the traditional frontal teaching methods to a reasonable minimum and take over proven foreign experience in this matter. We do not perceive individualisation as a mere reduction in the number of pupils or students educated by one teacher. We perceive the essence of this process as an opportunity to find the strengths and weaknesses of each learner and the active work to develop their individual needs in order to achieve their maximum applicability in further studies and life. We apply client approach to everyone because we understand education as a public service and a mission. However, we do educate our pupils and students to reasonably respect the rules of common conduct and tolerance towards other members of society. We promote the development of skills in etiquette.
  1. Supporting the development of the learner’s and the teacher’s personalities. Leisure activities (Subject Guarantor: Mgr. Kateřina Musiol KUCHNOVÁ, Ph.D.)
    Together with individualised teaching and intensive personal and career counselling included in the teaching, we make it possible to develop the optimal skills of each individual. We endeavour that our pupils and student put their efforts to develop particularly what they are good at and do not needlessly waste their potential in areas where the possibilities of their development are limited. Our view is based on the premise that the boundaries in development are just the boundaries of people’s minds. Likewise we try to contribute to the personal development of our teachers. We then find harmony by identifying suitable groups of teachers and pupils so that their mutual interaction be compatible with their personality characteristics and learning goals. We support leisure activities of our pupils and students, especially those that develop the understanding of the importance of public life and active participation in it.
  1. Modern teaching methods and project approach (Subject Guarantor: Ing. Rudolf MACEK, Ph.D.)
    We use activating teaching methods which include discussions, problem solving and simulations of real events. We also enhance them with comprehensive methods that combine various elements of the didactic system, especially methods that develop critical thinking, methods of cooperative teaching and project teaching. Cooperation on projects help pupils and students better understand current challenges and the cultural and historical development of society. The project approach to problem solving is directed for the use in later life and work – for this purpose, we intensively cooperate with sectors providing work experience.
  1. Applying and using new technologies, digitisation included (Subject Guarantor: JUDr. Pavel PETR, Ph.D., LL.M.)
    We proceed from the fact that the school is not the sole or main source of information today and that its role is taken over by the online environment to some extent. We focus on the use of modern technologies in our teaching and course offering, though always taking the goals of studies and the learner’s personality development into account. We are a smart school. Our priorities are connectivity, e-communication and transparency. Mobile devices and the Internet are used not only in teaching but also in all other activities associated with attending the school. Our goal is that they become a natural part of life as a tool for problem solving and making work and life easier – not as a way of how to spend leisure time or to substitute one’s personal social ties. We emphasise education towards safe work with ICT and protection against cyberbullying.
  1. Supporting internationalisation and language education (Subject Guarantor: doc. Mgr. Ing. Zuzana MACHOVÁ, Ph.D.)
    We consider it necessary and crucial to develop overlapping education achieved in the Czech Republic towards foreign experience as well as foreign application during studies or working abroad after studying at our school. As one of the few educational groups, we are permitted to teach certain subjects in a foreign language at a majority of our schools, or our study programmes are accredited in a foreign language. We support cross-border internships during studies or even after their completion, and we also try helping our students find employment abroad. International mobility programmes of pupils, students and teachers is at an above-standard level. Our schools are attended by foreign pupils and students, with foreign teachers giving lessons. Our classes include education focused on learning about other cultures and customs, including business ethics in different regions of the world.
  1. Mentoring development – Two-way intergenerational exchange of experience and respect (Subject Guarantor: Ing. Linda FOLTÝNOVÁ, DiS.)
    We build on a unique opportunity of transferring intergenerational experience between the schools of our educational group, which cover the entire educational system and include children from two years of age to older learners of the academy of the third age. We create opportunities to develop intergenerational respect and to exchange experience within all schools and between schools. Older pupils and students become mentors of the younger ones, which allows to significantly increase their responsibility and the quality of the educational process. Similarly, mentoring takes place between different groups of our teachers. Through informal events for all age groups, we support the development of innate respect between generations.
  1. Promoting ethical approach to life and education – Charity (Subject Guarantor: Mgr. Ing. Petr PTÁČEK, Ph.D., MBA)
    In accordance with the traditions in our cultural area and especially with regard to the challenges of the surrounding globalised environment, we focus on formal and informal transferring of experience and moral postulates into education, always with regard to the degree of the specific study and the learner’s age. We support charitable and volunteering events. We guide our pupils and students to respect normative systems, such as law, morality and religion, and to understand the significance of social values.
  1. Education towards sustainability and environmental education (Subject Guarantor: Ing. Rudolf MACEK, Ph.D.)
    Not only do we educate our pupils and students to respect one another but also to respect the surrounding environment. With an appropriate mix of educational, and in particular volunteering extracurricular activities, we guide them towards sustainable behaviour, environmental frugality and the understanding of global issues – always with a non-dogmatic and sensible approach based on the awareness of social responsibility.