Medical and Science Grammar School PRIGO PRAGUE

The Medical and Science Grammar School PRIGO PRAGUE is a member of the PRIGO group, which is one of the strongest and most successful groups on the educational market in the Czech Republic. PRIGO schools have an irreplaceable position at all levels of the education system, from pre-school education to university studies, and in all their activities they are based on the unique certified educational approach PriorityGO. It is a combination of individualization of education, modern didactic methods and respecting the challenges of contemporary society. Within its framework, PRIGO schools focus not only on theoretical education, but especially on the success of graduates in later life. Education is perceived here as a lifelong philosophy and a continuous approach to life.

At the Grammar School PRIGO PRAGUE, in education and extracurricular activities, in accordance with the PriorityGO approach, we place emphasis on the development of our students’ critical thinking, internationalization and language education, new technologies and digitization, environmental education and an ethical approach to life or intergenerational exchange of experience and respect. The founder of the grammar school is the PRIGO University, which allows us to develop not only knowledge but also skills and competencies of our students that are a prerequisite for successful university studies. Our graduates are well prepared for that.

The Grammar School PRIGO PRAGUE provides education in the classes of a four-year grammar school. Our goal is to educate especially students who are interested in general high school education with extended scope of natural sciences and related disciplines. By a suitable choice of elective subjects, the students can then be further profiled towards medical, pharmaceutical or veterinary field, but also science and technical fields.

What after the grammar school?
Although the question “What then?” may seem premature, the opposite is true. The task of the grammar school is to prepare students primarily for further studies at the university. This task is crucial for us and our goal in this regard is to try to ensure that after graduating from our grammar school, our students have as many doors open for further study as possible. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves only to preparation for further studies at Czech universities, but also at foreign universities. How to do it?

  1. The basis is a foreign language – native speakers participate in teaching, we provide international mobility programmes and other elements of internationalization
  2. Out-of-school activity counts – we support students’ extracurricular activities, we contribute to their volunteer and charitable activities, ecological activities, meetings with personalities, including foreign ones, or debate clubs
  3. In is the one who is on-line – in teaching, we use top ICT, we prepare students for e-learning, work with information and database systems, and online communication, even in a foreign language
  4. Learning is a game and curiosity is valued – we rely on complex teaching methods that combine various elements of the didactic system, especially methods that develop students’ critical thinking and their natural desire for knowledge, methods of cooperative teaching and project teaching
  5. Who is ready is not surprised – we teach students how to learn effectively and how to be able to work with the acquired knowledge in further study and life